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Free Picks - 2nd Dec, 2023
League Match Tip Score
ENG Swansea U21 VS Colchester U21 1 : ?
GER OBL SpVgg Erkenschwick VS Eintracht Rheine 1 : ?
BUL Dobrudzha VS Litex Lovech 1 : ?
AUS 2 Schwechat VS Sportunion Mauer 2 : ?
ALG MC Alger VS Magra 1 : ?
Time League Match Tip Result
12:00 BEL Neman VS Naftan 1 ?
17:00 AUS Tirol VS Rapid Vienna 2 ?
16:45 ALG ASO Chlef VS US Souf 1 ?
20:45 ITA AC Milan VS Frosinone 1 ?
15:30 GER RB Leipzig VS Heidenheim 1 ?
15:30 GER Bayern Munich VS Union Berlin 1 ?
16:00 EPL Arsenal VS Wolves 1 ?
Time League Match Tip
17:05 FRA Lille VS Metz 1
13:00 FRA Le Havre VS PSG 2
17:45 EPL Manchester City VS Tottenham 1
15:00 EPL Liverpool VS Fulham 1


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03/12 EPL Liverpool vs Fulham 1
03/12 FRA Le Havre vs PSG 2

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is TrustPredict.com?

TrustPredict.com is a football prediction site that offers accurate analysis, predictions, and tips for upcoming football matches.

How reliable are the predictions on TrustPredict.com?

TrustPredict.com strives to provide highly reliable predictions by utilizing advanced statistical models, expert analysis, and extensive data research.

How often are the predictions updated on TrustPredict.com?

Predictions on TrustPredict.com are regularly updated to reflect the latest team news, form, and other relevant factors. Most predictions are updated daily.

Is TrustPredict.com free to use?

Yes, TrustPredict.com offers free access to its prediction services. However, there may be additional premium features available for subscribed users.

Can I trust the accuracy of TrustPredict.com's predictions?

TrustPredict.com takes pride in its commitment to accuracy. While no prediction can be guaranteed, TrustPredict.com aims to provide highly reliable predictions based on thorough analysis.

Does TrustPredict.com cover all football leagues?

TrustPredict.com covers a wide range of football leagues, including major leagues and competitions from around the world. The site strives to provide comprehensive coverage.

Can I use TrustPredict.com for betting purposes?

Yes, TrustPredict.com's predictions can be used as a reference for betting purposes. However, responsible betting is encouraged, and it's important to use your own judgment and conduct further research.

How can I access the predictions on TrustPredict.com?

Simply visit TrustPredict.com and navigate to the predictions section. The predictions for upcoming matches will be available for you to review.

Are there any subscription plans on TrustPredict.com?

TrustPredict.com may offer premium subscription plans that provide additional features, such as access to exclusive predictions, detailed analysis, or early match notifications.

Can I request predictions for specific matches on TrustPredict.com?

TrustPredict.com currently provides predictions for a predetermined selection of matches. However, you can check the site regularly for updates and new features.

How accurate are TrustPredict.com's long-term predictions?

TrustPredict.com's long-term predictions are based on historical data, form analysis, and other relevant factors. While they provide valuable insights, it's important to consider them as probabilities rather than certainties.

Does TrustPredict.com provide live match updates?

TrustPredict.com primarily focuses on providing pre-match predictions and analysis. However, some live score updates or match statistics may be available on the site.

Can I submit my own predictions to TrustPredict.com?

TrustPredict.com currently does not accept user-submitted predictions. The site's predictions are generated by their team of experts and advanced algorithms.

How can I contact TrustPredict.com for support or inquiries?

TrustPredict.com typically provides a contact form or email address on their website. You can reach out to their support team for any assistance or inquiries you may have.

Are the predictions on TrustPredict.com suitable for accumulator bets?

TrustPredict.com's predictions can be used for accumulator bets. However, it's advisable to conduct your own research and consider other factors before finalizing your accumulator selections.

Can I access TrustPredict.com on my mobile device?

Yes, TrustPredict.com is designed to be mobile-friendly, allowing users to access the site and its predictions conveniently from their mobile devices.

Does TrustPredict.com provide betting tips or strategies?

While TrustPredict.com primarily focuses on predictions, they may offer occasional betting tips or strategies to help users make informed betting decisions.

How can I stay updated with TrustPredict.com's latest predictions?

You can subscribe to TrustPredict.com's newsletter or follow their social media channels to receive notifications and updates regarding their latest predictions.

Can I use TrustPredict.com's predictions for fantasy football purposes?

TrustPredict.com's predictions can provide insights for fantasy football purposes. However, it's recommended to consider other factors such as player availability, form, and specific league rules when making fantasy football decisions.

Does TrustPredict.com provide historical performance data for teams and players?

TrustPredict.com may offer access to historical performance data for teams and players, allowing users to analyze past trends and performances to make more informed predictions and decisions.

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