0.5 Goals HT

Time League Match Tip Score
19:30 GER Dusseldorf VS Bochum Over 0.5 :
11:30 AUSLIA Melbourne Victory U21 VS Preston Lions Over 0.5 :
14:00 EGY Pyramids VS El Gouna Over 0.5 :
16:30 FIN KTP VS KaPa Over 0.5 :
15:00 NOR DIV 2 Viking 2 VS Lysekloster Over 0.5 :
Time League Match Tip
23:00 COPA LIB Atletico MG VS Caracas Over 0.5
11:00 AUSLIA New Lambton VS Lambton J. Over 0.5
18:00 AUS Hartberg VS Austria Vienna Over 0.5
17:30 AUS 2 Stammersdorf VS Sportunion Mauer Over 0.5
18:00 EST Kalju VS Nomme Utd Over 0.5
18:30 GER OBL Diefflen VS Worms Over 0.5


Mastering Half Time Over 0.5 and Under 0.5 Football Predictions for Profitable Betting


In the dynamic world of football betting, bettors are constantly seeking out new strategies to increase their chances of success. Half Time Over 0.5 and Under 0.5 predictions have gained significant popularity among enthusiasts. These betting markets revolve around predicting whether there will be at least one goal scored (Over 0.5) or no goals scored (Under 0.5) in the first half of a football match. In this comprehensive guide, we will explore the ins and outs of these predictions, including their definitions, advantages, and effective strategies for achieving profitable outcomes.

Understanding Half Time Over 0.5 and Under 0.5 Predictions

Half Time Over 0.5 and Under 0.5 predictions focus on the goal-scoring outcomes specifically in the first half of a football match. Let's delve deeper into each prediction type:

  1. Half Time Over 0.5: This prediction signifies that at least one goal will be scored in the first half of the match. Regardless of which team scores or the total number of goals, a successful Over 0.5 prediction simply requires the occurrence of one goal by either team before the half-time whistle.

  2. Half Time Under 0.5: This prediction indicates that no goals will be scored in the first half of the match. It necessitates both teams maintaining a clean sheet until the end of the initial 45 minutes.

Benefits of Half Time Over 0.5 and Under 0.5 Predictions

  1. Diverse Betting Opportunities: Half Time Over 0.5 and Under 0.5 predictions provide a wide range of betting options. Whether you prefer a conservative approach or a riskier strategy, these markets allow you to tailor your bets based on your risk appetite and desired potential return.

  2. Quick Results: Half Time predictions offer faster outcomes compared to full-time predictions. As the result is determined by the end of the first half, bettors do not need to wait until the end of the match to know the result of their wagers.

  3. Statistical Insights: Analyzing teams' first-half goal-scoring records and defensive capabilities can provide valuable statistical insights. By considering metrics such as the average number of goals scored in the first half, clean sheet records, and head-to-head statistics, bettors can make more informed decisions.

  4. Reduced Influence of External Factors: Compared to full-time predictions, half-time predictions are less influenced by factors such as substitutions, changes in team tactics, or fatigue that may occur in the second half of the match. This narrower timeframe reduces the level of unpredictability in the outcome.

Strategies for Successful Half Time Over 0.5 and Under 0.5 Predictions

  1. Analyze Team Scoring and Defensive Records: Evaluate the goal-scoring records and defensive performances of the teams involved. Consider factors such as the average number of goals scored in the first half, clean sheet records, and head-to-head statistics. Identify teams that frequently score or concede goals in the first half.

  2. Assess Recent Form: Assess the recent form of both teams, paying close attention to their first-half performance in matches. Look for patterns of consistent goal-scoring or defensive solidity to gauge their potential for Over 0.5 or Under 0.5 outcomes.

  3. Consider Home and Away Performance: Take into account the home and away records of the teams. Some teams tend to be more aggressive or defensive when playing at home or away. Analyzing these trends can provide valuable insights into their first-half goal-scoring tendencies.

  4. Stay Updated with Team News: Stay updated with the latest team news, including injuries, suspensions, and lineup changes. The absence of key attacking players or defensive stalwarts can significantly impact the first-half goal-scoring potential of a team.

  5. Understand Playing Styles: Study the playing styles of the teams involved. Some teams prioritize attacking from the start, increasing the likelihood of Over 0.5 goals in the first half. Others may adopt a more cautious approach, favoring Under 0.5 outcomes. Understanding these playing styles can help you make more accurate predictions.

  6. Monitor Goal-Scoring Patterns: Keep track of teams that tend to score early or late goals in the first half. This information can be valuable for predicting whether there will be at least one goal (Over 0.5) or no goals (Under 0.5) before half-time.


Half Time Over 0.5 and Under 0.5 predictions offer football bettors exciting opportunities to capitalize on first-half goal-scoring outcomes. By analyzing team scoring and defensive records, assessing recent form, considering home and away performances, staying updated with team news, understanding playing styles, and monitoring goal-scoring patterns, bettors can increase their chances of success in these betting markets. Remember, thorough research and an understanding of the teams involved are key to making informed Half Time predictions and optimizing your betting experience.

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